Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions.

Shopology is pleased to welcome your patronage as a customer and we will do our utmost to preserve your satisfaction and interest as a returning customer.

Shopology will do its utmost to provide coherent customer service pre-purchase to help ensure proper color, sizing, and garment choices.   Should you have questions regarding your purchase, please contact us within 7 days of your having received your purchase.  Shopology will not accept returned items without a Return Authorization Number and will not provide a Return Authorization Number without sufficient reason and approval for the return.

Shopology will not authorize a return of customized apparel without sufficient evidence of material or customization defect.   Non-customized apparel orders will discretionarily be accepted for return provided that evidence of material defect is shown.

Shopology will discretionarily provide repair, replacement, customer credit, or refund as warranted and shall retain final authority in this matter, upon return products with return authorization.   Return authorizations, comments, and concerns may be addressed in writing only, to info@shopology.net.

Shopology shall accept no liability whatsoever for any claims made regarding product liability or mishap or misfortune allegedly based upon product usage or related in any way to Shopology, its agents, its conversations, advice, website, communication, or products.   Customer's usage of shopology.net and/or purchases from Shopology via shopology.net or via any other mode or mechanism shall constitute a full acceptance of these printed and/or publicized terms and conditions.

All matters related to disputes with Shopology or its owners or agents shall be addressed subject to the laws of Maryland and  in accordance with dispute resolution preferences of Shopology and/or its agents and owners preceding any customer-mediated interests in Maryland courts.