Shopology shipping policy.

Shopology utilizes the most common shipping methods including USPS, UPS, and Fedex.  As such, we accept and provide market shipping rates and do not profit or modify prices accorded to your order.   All shipping rates you receive are as provided by the carriers we nominate and/or those which you accept for your order.

Shopology retains no liability regarding the safeguarding of freight once it leaves Shopology or its manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, or agents.   Shopology can intervene regarding tracking information but cannot be held liable for lost, damaged, or delayed orders.   Shopology will act on your behalf to source additional information when possible and to assist you regarding direct communication with carriers.

Should you have questions regarding your order, please contact us along with information regarding your purchased product, your name, and your contact information.  Please email:   Please reduce all questions and concerns in writing as your concerns will be redirected to our carriers for tracking and comment.

Resolution of disputes regarding shipping, lost, or damaged product should be initiated via email at  While we will not and do not accord refunds for products damaged, not delivered, or lost by product shippers and carriers, we take great concern and will work to assist you where possible, to ensure your highest degree of satisfaction and resolution with carrriers.